On arriving in Sydney to claim his inheritance, Nick Kenby, must confront his Aunt.  arrives. Mary Jamieson, his mother’s sister, and his father’s lover. She will have to give up her control over his inheritance and dead father’s business. Nick must take over his father’s import business and restore his mother’s name after his father and his Aunt displaced him and his mother and years of lonely torment she suffered. Mary plans to steal Nick’s inheritance which are thwarted when her maid and the business partner, Brian Goldsmith, are murdered. Mary points the finger at Nick and the police, under immense political pressure and evidence argue that Nick, having motive and opportunity, is the prime police suspect. As they were about to charge Nick with the murders, Mary disappears with the business’s money, Nick’s inheritance. Rachel Goldsmith, Nick’s father’s business partner’s daughter, and Detective Sergeant Ainsworth, and two newspaper men, James Smith and Bill Rodgers, set out to find Mary and recover Nick’s inheritance.

Inheritance is a fast moving story of murder, greed, and deceit. A story of a young man’s struggle fighting against a world of violence, drugs, police corruption. Will he endure his own frantic fight for his survival?

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The mastermind for crimes of the drug importation and distribution in 1960 in Sydney, Mary Jamieson disappears before the police arrive to arrest her. She resumes her real identity as Susan Burchett, after stealing Nick Kenby’s inheritance and flies out of Sydney heading for Switzerland, where she will wait for her brother. On the flight to Switzerland, she meets Peter Sullivan, a man of the world, who offers Burchett a rich and comfortable lifestyle if she invests her money in his international scheme. He is a man who has all the answers. He has a dark secret and once discovered it leaves his life in turmoil and impacts Burchett’s life. Inspector Ainsworth having solved the murder of his Chief Inspector and the other murders vows to find her and return her to Australia and justice. He follows Burchett, but after almost catching her, she disappears again. Once more the search begins and with the help from James Smith, his nemesis from the earlier murders, they chase her across the continent. The search opens a Pandora’s box with unexpected consequences… Deceit, Intrigue, and mystery with an unexpected twist.
Deception is the companion novel to Inheritance, the debut novel by the same author. It brings the story to finality taking the reader to Europe where there is deceit, murder, fraud, anguish, romance, and sorrow. Will justice be done?

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