I love writing fiction and at times it is an obsession taking up much of my thinking. The night as I dream is like a movie set, and I am the director. The story is created and scenes flow from one to another, as the idea of a story begin to take shape. So let me introduce you to my stories. These are only two but there are many more to come.

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“Fiction Laced With Fact”

My motto of ‘Fiction laced with fact’, reflects my writing style. I love to place the reader in the time of the story whether it is the present, past, or the future. I make every effort to place the reader in that time with the events of that time and place.

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The Inspector Jeff Ainsworth Mystery Series


The first novel in the Inspector Ainsworth Series is Inheritance. Inspired by the 1960’s it is a story of greed, murder, drugs and corruption. Nick Kenby comes to Sydney to claim his inheritance that is controlled by his Aunt but unwittingly becomes involved in the murder of his Aunt’s maid.

The police immediately suspect his Aunt, Mary Jamieson, who has been under their surveillance but she brings names Nick as having a motive to kill her. This brings him to the attention of the police and, as Mary will do anything to ensure she retains control of  the Import company and his inheritance she implies that Nick is the maid’s murderer. But when another murder is committed that of her business partner, again she accuses Nick for both murders, and now Nick seeks revenge for what his father and Aunt did to him and his mother.

‘Inheritance’, a fast-moving story of greed, deceit, and murder. Nick struggles with the violence, drugs, police corruption, and fights for his own survival.


Cover final FB 2017

‘Deception’, the second novel in the Inspector Ainsworth Series brings finality to the novel ‘Inheritance’.

Mary Jamieson, the mastermind behind two of the murders and the attempted murder of Nick Kenby, disappears as Inspector Ainsworth attempts to arrest her. But she has become someone else and changed back to her original physical features and name. She emerges as Susan Burchett, her real identity.

Brazenly, as she always intended, has stolen the Kenby Import business assets and Nick Kenby’s inheritance and transferred them to a secret Swiss bank account. She boards an international flight where she meets Peter Sullivan, a man who has all the answers, but is not what he seems.

Inspector Ainsworth follows her but so too has the newspaper journalist James Smith and his photographer Bill Rodgers. In a competition to see who finds her first.

Inspector Ainsworth on arrival in his destination discovers that the Swiss police have her as a primary suspect for a murder in Zurich. The investigation forces her to flee and disappears, and again she changes her identity.
The Swiss police, Inspector Ainsworth, the newspaper journalist, and Sullivan race to find her. The International race opens a Pandora’s box with unexpected consequences…

Deceit, Intrigue and a mystery with a twist. ‘Deception’, the companion novel to the same author’s debut novel ‘Inheritance’, brings the two novels to finality.

Just Released – The Ruth Westcott Adventure Series

  In the year of 1961. Two women, Nina Pearce, and Ruth Westcott, are drawn together in Egypt. One is a spy for British Intelligence and the other an Archaeologist in search of the lost manuscripts of the Daughter Library of Alexandria and has been persuaded to help the British Government.

The Archaeologist is at a dig site but uncovers a secret KGB project giving the Soviet Union supremacy over the United States in the race to dominate outer space. The events reach a climax with a double agent contributing to the assassination of a CIA agent, a Professor, the attempted capture of Swiss journalists, and attempted assassination of the Archaeologist and the Spy.

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