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Progress Of The New Novel

It has been a disappointing start to the launch of my new novel, The Reluctant Spy. I was all set to go and sell my paperbacks copies to the bookstores around Canberra and promote it. But with the combination of the COVID-19, and Kindle/Amazon not dispatching books to Australia made things impossible. So I have joined up with IngramSpark who print in Australia and most Australiian authors have taken the same road.

But the positive from all this is that the readers are finding my novel and buying it from Amazon. So a big thank you to all my reader. Your support encourages me to continue writing.

I was also amazed how many readers purchased the Index of the Bonsai Focus Magazine. This publication helps to find articles of trees and technics used in the development of of bonsai. I will endeavour to produce this in a eBook format.

Until next time keep safe.