New Authors Must Persist With Their Dream

Do Not Let Rejection Kill Your Dream

Recently I was contacted by an new author who recounted that after contacting traditional publishers none were willing to publish their novel. It is hard and discouraging when you hear your novel has been rejected.

Knowing what it is like; having been there and felt the same pain. But if you have walked along that path, do not dishearten, as there are other paths that will lead you to success but it is you who must choose. Every author, especially indie authors, need to use every skill they have in their body if their passion is strong to succeed. So do not despair there are ways and means to help you achieve success.

Advice To Help You On The Writing Journey

I offer to new writers/authors advice to help them begin and succeed in their writing journey. I can provide advice based on my experience and mistakes an independent author can make. I reckon I’ve made most of them and no doubt will make many more. I am not an expert, I do not strive to have my name up in lights, although I do wish for a sufficient monetary return to satisfy me in my work to urge me on to create and do more.

For fifty years, I dreamt to be a writer; I read many books but all that I wanted to do was to create stories and write. But one cannot live on writing alone, it isn’t a proper job, was what I was told when I first proposed writing as a career. So I suppressed the dream thinking it was impossible for me, but there always a light around the corner.

Traditional And Independent Publishing

Forty-eight years ago, a colleague dared me to write a book after my boast on writing, and this reignited my dream again. This led to finishing that first novel, Inheritance, after many false starts with work, and set off to a traditional publisher.

Well, that experience left an unpleasant taste in my mouth and went away from the process disappointed. In saying that, if you are selected by a traditional publisher, well done and wish you the best. I then ventured in independent publishing and now I have published three non-fiction books a few years before the first novel, two are reference books related to my third passion of Bonsai. Family, writing, bonsai are my passions in the order. The bonsai references created to help bonsai artists to learn and create living art. These have been a success. On finishing my first novel came two more with the fourth novel in its first draft.

How can I help?

I am offering help to new authors to assist them to find answers to their publishing problems. I can assist authors along their writing journey. What is your process and how you can overcome difficulties in their process that lie across their path? I won’t have all the answers, but I can direct us to where the right answer lies, and I will learn something too.

So, if I can help you overcome the day-to-day obstacles you meet contact me here.

My Current Progress

Fourth Novel Progress First Draft

Photo by Church Crawler, Somerset UK

Starting this process on the 16 of March 2020 when the research began. With the narrative, the theme, the premise, the selection of characters and their backgrounds, the location set , and the plot done we are ready to go.

A murder mystery, and I will divulge more as I progress through and finish the first draft. And with the research for this novel completed, and learning from experience, there is always something that needs further researched.   Photo by Church Crawler, Somerset UK.

My original group of characters has changed so this novel will introduce new people for you to get to know, and I’m sure you will enjoy them. Creating a new character is like having a new child come into the family. More on this soon and for further information and updates go here.

Fifth Novel Progress

Photo by Olav Sejeroe -Olbia Archaeological Park

This novel is still at the embryo stage. Having developed the Theme and Premise and researched the location. The readers who have read The Reluctant Spy will know my protagonist and will be a continuation of her personal story.

The tale and plot, is percolating away and between plotting the fourth novel the plan is falling into place. For more information, go here.

Coming Soon


Introducing the first newsletter to my stable in September 2020 I hope will help me keep in touch with my readers on a far more personal level than I can on the website. It gives inside information of what is coming that is new and of interest. This month’s edition waiting for you, but you will need to subscribe below and receive a free eBook, so do not miss out and subscribe here.

A Special Release

I am also, with everything else in my life, working on resources that will, I hope, please my many readers who ask how I develop my stories. Now, with this resource, I can answer their questions with a detailed account. But more on this later. This gift, when published, will be sent to new subscribers. Current subscribers and new will receive the special gift as soon as it is ready for publication, so do not hesitate and subscribe now.

Until Next Time

Thank you for your company and I hope it was as enjoyable for you as it was for me giving you insights into my world. Please take care of yourselves and stay safe.

As always, my best wishes to you and your family and be kind to each other.

Angelo Mifsud

Author of the novels; Inheritance, Deception, and The Reluctant Spy. Subscribe to the newsletter here and packed with interesting information.

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